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Hi, I´m Silvia

the woman behind Holistik Therapy, and I welcome you into our sacred space.

Beyond the therapy practice and title of social worker, I'm the mom of two beautiful boys, a loving wife, and a devoted daughter. When I'm not in therapy sessions,  you’ll find me with my family, homeschooling my boys, baking, and practicing yoga. Balancing my professional and personal life is not always easy but either inspires me to show up better for the other. 


"My travels created the solitude that made it quiet enough to finally listen and discover a renewed version of myself unburdened by the need for external validation or someone’s permission to be worthy of love or happiness." 


My journey traces back to a small town in Cuba where I was born and raised. While it was not an easy place to grow up, the simplicity of life and the close bonds I had with others taught me that happiness can be an uncomplicated thing if we let it be. Fast forward to the present, and I find myself here in the United States, where life took me on an unexpected adventure I could not possibly have dreamed of as a child. 

The initial years here unfolded like a rollercoaster of emotions with many moments of sadness, uncertainty, and doubt. The little girl inside me wanted to return to the people and places that were safe and familiar to me in Cuba, but something else inside me knew I needed to write a different script. With no financial or emotional safety net, I confronted my fears and self-doubt and pursued my master's in social work in an unfamiliar country and language while also holding three jobs all while trying to be a woman in her 20s. Focusing on my external goals kept me busy enough to distract me from the inner work that I desperately needed.

In 2017, as I walked the Rutgers stage and proudly accepted my degree, even though my goals were becoming reality, something felt missing which sparked my curiosity to find out who I wanted to be and what I wanted out of life. This sparked a solo journey across the globe in search of wisdom that only being immersed in different cultures can illuminate.

Let me take you back quickly to the beginning...


My travels created the solitude that made it quiet enough to finally listen and discover a renewed version of myself unburdened by the need for external validation or someone’s permission to be worthy of love or happiness. 

Therapy, meditation and yoga became my go to trifecta for self discovery and growth. Each session, moment of stillness, and intentional movement fueled alignment between my body, mind and future.

This period not only reshaped my understanding of what self-love means but laid the emotional foundation for what would become Holistik Therapy. The journey allowed me to be more authentic, confident and grounded and guide others on their healing journey with newfound depth and meaning.

In 2020 while living in Mexico, I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening and what can only be described as a return to myself . For the first time in my life, I had a clear vision of what I needed to do. Within a week of returning to the States I founded Holistik Therapy as a sanctuary for self-discovery, healing, and growth.


Clinicians whose values aligned with mine joined and we formed a community with a mission to improve lives.  Over the past few years, some things have changed but my pledge to you remains the same: Holistik Therapy will always be a safe haven and a place to evolve into the best version of yourself.

It is my heartfelt hope that the time you’ve taken to read my story might inspire you to find the courage I found and take a first step as I did on the most significant journey you will take in this life the journey within.

Imagine your future self, smiling and exclaiming, "Do it!" This image is your untapped potential and the wholeness that already resonates within you and throughout a universe that was designed for you to exist. Embrace this vision of a confident, centered you who acknowledges the miracle that is your life. 

Here's to the incredible adventure that lies ahead of you a journey to healing and rediscovering your true self.

In gratitude, Silvia.

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