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We are a passionate group of mental health professionals on a  mission together to change the world by improving how mental health care is designed and delivered.


We strongly believe the only way to create sustainable change through therapy is by addressing and integrating all aspects of our being body, mind and spirit.

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We believe no child is “too young” to model and instill the skills that allow them to thrive throughout life.

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holistic therapy; psychotherapy; mental health; help; counseling; therapy

At Holistik, we teach children how to support their bodies by teaching them simple daily habits around nutrition, movement and breathwork. We facilitate self-discovery and embrace uncomfortable emotions head on so when life gets hard as it inevitably does, our kids don't repress their feelings or react negatively to curveballs life throws but rather use the tools in their mental health toolkit to feel their feelings and act rather than react.

We hold space for our children to dive deep to find their purpose and create meaning in their lives rooted in their relationships with themselves and others.

We do all this with extreme love and compassion.

Our clinicians understand that breakthroughs can't happen without creating a safe and nurturing space and real growth is contingent on the clinician's mindset holding space. At Holistik, we collaborate with our caregivers to teach them how to become a vessel for young ones to self-actualize and flourish. We are grateful to witness a generation of parents doing their own deep work to heal so they can show up more whole and present for their children. We wish to do our part to usher in a new generation of youth that don't need to “heal their inner child” who are overflowing with physical, mental and emotional abundance allowing them to realize their dreams while inspiring others.

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Holistik Therapy is not just a workplace; it's a place where your passion for helping others can truly make a difference. If you are looking for a fulfilling career where you can grow, learn, and contribute to the well-being of others, we invite you to consider joining our team. Together, let's create a positive and holistic impact on the lives we touch every day.

“Join the Holistik Movement” 
Let's chat about how you
             can contribute to our team.

We value open communication and invite you to connect with us to explore how your professional goals align with our team at Holistik Therapy. Your questions are important, and we're here to help you make an informed decision about joining our collaborative and rewarding work culture.

Meet the Team

We are proud of our team, where each member brings unique talents that, together, enhance each other to offer you a truly transformative experience. Get to know us!

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